Service Department

Service Pricing

NOTE: (Factory Trained Technician) Minimum Service Charge: 15 Min.

Shop Fee Includes: Shop supplies, Waste Oils / Fluids, Tire Disposal, Nuts/Bolts, Tie Straps, Ect.

Off-road/On-road & Snow $70.00 an hour Watercraft & Brutus $85.00 an hour Shop Fee for ALL Service Orders 7.5%, Maximum Shop Fee $25.00 Manufacturers DO NOT INCLUDE pickup or delivery in their warranty policies

Shock Rebuilding Service

We Service all major brands (ie. Fox, Walker Evans, Ryde Fx) Snowmobile, ATV, Motorcycles, SxS $37.99 for Nitrogen Recharge (Parts extra if needed)

Customer Purchases From:
All Ohio Motorsports Price:
Other Retailer Price:
Tires OFF Motorcycle, Spin, Balance Mount
$30.00 $49.00
Tires ON Motorcycle, Spin, Balance Mount  $45.00 $75.00
Lace Wheels
$10 Additional
$10 Additional



Oil Change ATV or Side x Side



Oil and Filter
Worry-Free Package
  • Service clutch
  • Replace drive belt & deal
  • Seal all tires
  • Replace air filter
  • Oil filter
  • Also includes Keep Me Riding Package
Way Out Package
$625.00* Replace all brake pages - Complete break service
K&N air filter
Carb cleaning - Complete Service
Replace tie rod ends
Replace steering bushings
Complete front end alignment
Also includes Worry Free Package
Also includes Keep Me Riding Package (see below)
Aggravating Tire Leaks (ATL)
Plug holes
Spin Balance
Slime all tires
Clean & Reseal rim beads
Extend the Season in Comfort

 $169.99* Remove grips
Install heated hand warmers
Install thumb throttle warmer
Reinstall old grips with grip lock
 Snow Plow Package (SPP)
$540.00 (for installation add $59.00)
48" snow blade
Universal push tube
ATV mount plate
Extended manual lift
54" blade add $38.00
60" blade add $48.00
Tire chains for 2x4 ATVs add $50.00
Deduct $45.00 if your ATV currently has a winch
  KMR OFF-ROAD            ATV and Side x Side

Keep Me Riding Packages
Pick Up & Delivery of Vehicle
Round Trip Charge
 50 miles: $89.99
100 miles: $129.00

100% Synthetic & Filter Hub Oil Change
Gear/Transmission oil change
Grease all fittings front & rear suspension
Clean/Service air filter
Replace fuel filter (Carbureted Models Only)
Check tire pressure (does not include plugs)
Service adjust brakes front & rear (does not include replacement of pads and/or shoes)
Flush radiator, high pressure
Check/Service battery
Replace spark plug
Two stroke-top off I-section oil

Routine Service Check-Ups

Service Price
Computer Digital Wrench Hook Up Recalibration
500 Mile Check Up Street
$169.99 + Shop Fees
First Service ATV (10 Hours)
$110.00 + Shop Fees
First Service Side x Side (10 Hours)
$139.99 + Shop Fees
6500 Mile Service
Insurance Estimate


Oil Change ONLY

Slingshot 1st Service

Slingshot 5000 Mile Service

Slingshot Storage
$125.00 (Waived if repairs authorized)

$109.99 Plus Shop Fees

$269.99 Plus Shop Fees

$289.99 Plus Shop Fees


Storage Paid Winterizing Shrink Wrap
 $195 Spring 2018
PWC Single Ski: $325.00
Double Ski: $589.00
 Spring 2018
$145.00 Single Ski: $129.00
Double Ski: $250.00
Includes Motorcycle:

Indoor Heated Storage of Motorcycle
Pay in Spring 2017
Affordable Rate
Rack Storage
Battery Service Tender Charging
$140.00 OFF Labor towards any custom work during storage period!


Winterize Ski
Shrink Wrap Ski
Service Trailer
Store Ski & Trailer
Summerizing in the Spring

 Motorcycle: N/A

Antifreeze in Water Jackets
Gas Stablilizer Fuel System
Fogging Oil Cylinders
Fogging Oil Throttle Bodies
Oil Change & Filter
Disconnect Battery
Service if Needed
Grease all Fittings

PWC Summerize Service

Price: Includes:
Replace spark plugs
Inspect plug wires
Grease all fittings
Inspect carb fuel injection system
Replace fuel filter
Inspect fuel impeller & pump
Inspect all fuel lines, hoses, & exhaust system
Service battery
Inspect gas & oil tanks

PWC Oil Change:


Change oil and filter

Price $99.99

PWC First Service (10 HRS)

Price$ 124.99


Keep Me Riding Package/ Regular Maintenance (every 2500 miles)

Pick Up and Delivery of Vehicle
Round Trip Charge

50 Miles: $89.99
100 Miles: $125.00

Change oil and filter
Inspect spark plugs
Adjust drive belt & Throttle
Check and adjust tire pressure
Check electrical system & Battery
Adjust clutch
Check brakes Front and Rear
Lube and adjust cables
Lube locks
Check Idle
Tighten Chassis nuts and bolts & Exhaust nuts and bolts
Inspect/ Adjust Belt and Chain
General inspection of bike

OIL CHANGES $89.99 Most Motorcycles
We also service Polaris Rangers, Professional Series, Sport Boats, and Snowmobiles.


Keep Me Riding Service: $179.99 Plus Shop Fees


Gear/ Chaincase Oil Change

Grease all fittings front and rear suspension

Clean/Service Air Filter

Service Adjust Brakes

Check/ Service Battery

Lube Cooling Fan (If applies to your model)

Replace Spark Plug

Two Stroke- Top Off I-Section Oil


Snow First Service (150 miles): $120.00 Plus Shop Fees

*Prices DO NOT include taxes, mobile service call charge (if applicable), or pickup/delivery charge (if applicable). Price may vary if additional parts or labor hours are required. Contact Service Manager Bill O'Donnell To Make An Appointment: (440) 786-2230